Monday, 18 October 2010


Haven't been able to write much recently but here's a quick update on a couple of things.

Benefits - still waiting. We've had another letter saying it's being processed so I phoned up to find out what was happening. I spoke to three different people and the best they could tell me was that it was being processed and they should make a decision 'within a week'. Hmmm.

As for my mini-revolution and the promises to get back to me within a week - well I'm not at all shocked that she hasn't got back to me. I tried to contact her today but she's 'not in today'. Hmmm.

Something slightly positive to end. We got a bill through on Saturday that said because of the benefits my son was receiving (!) he had to pay towards care he wasn't receiving. That was actually sorted out in one phone call. I;m still in a state of shock over that.


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