Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Benefits - an update

I talked the other week about how my son's benefits had been stopped for no reason and we were having to re-apply, so I thought it time to do an update.

This claim was supposed to be treated as urgent since my son is currently receiving no benefits at all. This claim was received by them in August, so there's been plenty of time to sort it out in my opinion.

In this time he has received two letters saying the claim is being processed. I've just got off the phone trying to find out exactly what is holding it up and they said they're still collating details. When I asked what exactly that meant I was told that was what was happening. Not much of an answer really, and after some pushing it appears they're waiting on a letter from his psychologist. I checked with them and, although the psychologist is off this week, her secretary told me that two copies had been sent and they had confirmed receipt of the second copy to her. Rather kindly she agreed to fax a copy directly to them if I got a number.

Back on hold, and when I got through to someone and explained the situation they told me they didn't accept fax copies. I pointed out that this was wrong as they had previously asked me to fax them some details and, after talking to someone else, she provided a fax number. I asked about the missing letter and, despite admitting they had confirmed receipt, she said it appeared to have been lost. I asked why, if they'd lost the letter that was holding things up, had they not tried to do something about it and was told that's not how they work. To be fair she was actually quite helpful and promised she'd look out for the fax personally but frankly I've little faith at all.

But here's hoping.



  1. Not surprised by this at all unfortunately, lost letters, forms etc are common! It takes on average 6 weeks for them to sort out a 'rapid reclaim' meanwhile youare supposed to live on what exactly?

  2. Hi Pennyessex.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    This is actually my first ever venture into the world of benefits and I'm saddened to find that all the bad things I'd heard over the years were just the thin end of the wedge.

    In a way we're lucky that I still have a small amount of savings left and can deal with the rubbish for my son but as always I go back to two things. Wondering what would happen if I wasn't as he wouldn't be able to cope at all and worrying about all the people that are getting nothing because they have no one to shout for them.

    It's a complete and utter disgrace.