Sunday, 26 December 2010

Best Christmas Present Ever

Christmas is hard.

My son has a problem with being given gifts as it makes him feel very uncomfortable but as a parent you can't not give gifts! The way I've got round that is rather than giving them to him I leave them outside his room and tell him they're there so he can take them in when he feels comfortable.

I did that yesterday, and a few minutes later sent him a text saying that if he was peckish it might be an idea to have a look. I also said that I knew how hard it was for him and that he didn't have to acknowledge the presents or anything.

A little later I got a text back. It said "I do know it's hard for you as well. Thank you."

I can imagine how difficult even sending me that text was for him and, frankly, I had a lump in my throat when I read it. For me that was the best present ever.