Friday, 5 November 2010

I'm Lucky

Whilst the subject of this blog generally leads to rather depressing posts please make no mistake that I feel very lucky.

I adore my son and adore being a father. OK, it's hard sometimes but that's what being a parent is and I think it's just basic nature to want to look after my son. Despite his problems he is an amazing, articulate and intelligent person who I am incredibly proud of.

I'm lucky enough to have some of the best and truest friends anyone could ask for. I know that when I'm down there are a few people that not only understand what I'm going through but are always willing to listen to my moans. Absolutely priceless.

On the subject of friends I'm also lucky that when I moved back here I, quite by chance, hooked up with a load of people I've known virtually since childhood. My local pub is more a social club than a pub and not only is there always a friendly welcome but also it's an escape if I want it to be.

My Mum. OK, she's pretty clueless when it comes to looking after my son but she is always willing to help and genuinely tries her best.

Me. I'm strong. I was brought up to be strong and cope with whatever came along and couldn't do it if I was any different. I know, from things I've been through in my life, that I can cope with pretty much anything.

Little things. I've always appreciated the little things in life as they are what makes it matter. This has meant that I've always been able to appreciate and praise any little thing my son achieves. Sometimes he just looks at me as if to say 'yeah but that's nothing' but I know he appreciates the backing.

The internet. Seems silly to mention but the amount of information (after ignoring rubbish sites!) available is amazing. Not only that but it helps connect with other people that might be going through similar things.

For all those reasons, and many more, I genuinely feel lucky.