Thursday, 25 August 2011


If you've read this blog before you'll know about the trouble we've had trying to get funding for a music group and the ridiculous amount of time it's taken to organise.

Well I went to a meeting about it this morning. From the very first meeting it's been stressed to the two people from the MHU that are liasing that it HAD to be in the afternoon as many of those on the course take rather heavy medication that makes mornings very difficult, my son especially.

So what happened this morning – well the two idiots smugly told us that THEY had arranged everything and that the course would start in the second week of September – at 10:30am!

How the hell is 10:30 in the afternoon? What world do these fools live in? When I said that was a ridiculous time as it had been agreed from day 1 that it had to be in the afternoon for people to benefit from it I was told that they'd 'forgotten' and then told that they had tried to get it in the afternoon.

Why try to get in the afternoon if they'd forgotten it had to be in the afternoon? Another bloody lie. Or that should be yet another bloody lie. I'm no idiot and can follow a conversation and am sick to death of this crap.

Worst of all I've just had to tell Jr the time for it. He's been seriously looking forward to this for most of the year and now is completely crest fallen and frankly I'm wondering when I'll get a decent night's sleep again because this is a big set back for him.

Thanks a lot to the idiots who frankly don't give a toss and are more interested in getting a photo taken at the first session so they can, no doubt, get their stupid faces in the paper. Well I really hope there is a journalist there because I will be talking to them, and if not I will certainly be contacting the paper after the photo of the smug is published to tell them what really happened because no doubt they'll try to make this out as some great success for the unit when it's US that have done nearly all the work and US that (as always) end up getting ignored.

Yes, I'm livid.


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