Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Keep Buggering On

But for how long can I?

Virtually every day is a fight for something or other. Whether it's arguing with the disgustingly unhelpful DWP, or trying (to no avail) to get funding for the music group I mentioned previously, to fighting for the kind of treatment my son needs, it's all a fight.

I wonder how long will I have to keep fighting, because right now I really don't think I've got anything left. It's just so hard always being up against it and having serious worries about money doesn't help. I've got to keep fighting for my son as there is no one else to but what about me? I'm supposed to do all this, with no real help, no money, and no real future.

Before I gave up work I was lucky enough to be earning good money and could afford what we wanted and needed, now I have to rely on the kindness of friends for any kind of joy in my life. That is what it is like being a carer in this day and age. We're expected to be doing all the work (and don't get me wrong - he's my son and I want to be there for him) and just get ignored by 'the system'.

Keep buggering on. Wonderful.


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  1. Don't let the bastards grind you down

    ps.are you going to the CC final?
    check your email